Service & Repair

The pleasure and benefit of a new or an existing stage lighting or drama studio installation can be short lived without regular maintenance, test and inspection

Maintaining any stage or drama facilities installation and associated equipment cannot be left to the School staff only, who after all have other day to day priorities

There are in any case other advantages arising from regular inspection and service. For example, the U.K. current requirements under Health and Safety legislation place a legal responsibility on all levels of management for the safety aspects of the installation and equipment under their control. Areas of concern include the installation electrical wiring, fixed suspension equipment and raising and lowering mechanisms for drapes, lighting and scenery both electrically and manually operated. Electrical equipment including luminaires, spot bars, control systems and sound systems
It is frequently a licensing or insurance condition that up to date electrical test and inspection certificates for the stage lighting installation be provided to the relevant authority accompanied by the service report covering all of the equipment both electrical and mechanical


CCT Lighting (UK) Limited have skilled service teams with fully equipped vehicles to provide installation and annual contract service, maintenance, test and inspection of School and other entertainment facilities as well as major theatres and leisure centres in all parts of the British Isles and overseas

Regular inspection and servicing by any one of our expert teams will provide management with the assurance and peace of mind that safety is not being left to chance



Our service/installation staff are fully qualified electricians (technician level) with many years’ experience within the stage lighting and engineering industry

I.P.A.F. and P.A.S.M.A. trained with C.S.C.S. certification. All CRB checked with photo I.D.

We work to:-    
  B.S. 7671: 2008 for electrical installation and I.E.E. Wiring Regulations Seventeenth Edition  
  The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) S.I. No. 2307  
  The Supply of Machinery (safety) Regulations 1992 S.I. No. 3073  
  The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 S.I. No. 2306  
  If you would like to know more about our services, please contact us to discuss your requirements on  :- 0115 9858919 or email





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