Minuette Range

The Minuette range is a family of small 300/500/650W luminaires with individual but complementary characteristics.

Ruggedly constructed from aluminium extrusion, steel and stainless steel with an extremely tough and durable baked epoxy black paint finish. The luminaires are easily maintained, with only a screwdriver and an adjustable spanner required.

The Minuette profile range covers beam angles from 6° to 48°, with condenser optics available throughout. The fresnel and pebble-convex luminaires cover the range 10° to 59°. Accessories - such as colour frame, drop-in iris, barndoor, colour wheel and colour magazine - are universal throughout the Minuette range.

The standard Minuette range is complemented by the Minuette followspot, and the range of Minuette floodlights. Single, triple and quad asymmetric flood units are available for lighting vertical surfaces such as cycloramas, and a single symmetrical unit is also offered for flood lighting larger stage areas.

The Minuette is part of a wider choice of luminaires and accessories made by CCT for theatre and entertainment lighting.

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