Architectural Luminaires


Helios is a range of energy saving floodlights, fresnels and profile spotlights from CCT Lighting, specifically designed as lightweight luminaires for semi-permanent, architect or lighting designer conceived installations. Helios luminaires are based on the Minuette range of spotlights

Helios luminaires are a two-part item, comprising of a luminaire with discharge lamp, together with external control gear. In this case the rear compartment of the spotlight houses the lampholder, and the ballast is mounted separately. Each Helios luminaire must always be used in conjunction with the separate control gear

Helios Luminaires are constructed from aluminium extrusions, formed aluminium and steel sheet. The front part of the two sectioned spotlights contains a reflector and a G12 lampholder for a 150W or 70W metal halide discharge lamp. All Helios luminaires come in Black or White (RAL 9010) epoxy powder finish as standard, but most other colours are available to order. The  yokes on the luminaires can mount the control gear or it can be mounted seperately. Tilt adjustment is by means of a T-handle grip knob and clamping disc on each unit.

Helios Profiles 
Helios profile spotlights are available in three beam-angle models, based on the Minuette profile range.
Helios Profile spotlights can be tuned externally for 'Peak' or 'Flat' beam performance by adjusting the lamp within the reflector.

In front of the lamp & reflector is a 50mm diameter gate, fitted with four independently operated stainless-steel shutters. These allow the beam to be shaped. The gate also contains guides to hold the optional iris diaphragm or gobo pattern holder, while front runners retain the colour frame, colour scroller or colour wheel.  The Zoom lenses on the three profile spotlights provide hard or soft focusing of the beam. The angle of beam varies - on the wide-angle 26- 45deg, on the medium-angle unit 19-39deg and on the long-throw unit 6-14deg. Profiles are perfect for applications where a precisely lit area of virtually any shape is required. Etched stainless steel patterns (gobos) - custom designed, or from our large library stock - can be projected giving an endless choice of various effects.

Toughened glass colour images can be made to your design - ideal for company or product logos.

Helios Fresnel

Helios Fresnel Spotlights have a fixed borosilicate fresnel lens and the lamp chassis is externally adjustable for beam angle selection.
Fresnel spotlights produce a soft-edged variable beam, particularly suitable for subtle three dimensional modeling and highlighting. The variable beam angle of 20-67 deg  allows a wide choice of throw and beam dimensions. Barndoors & colour filters are available as accessories, the latter being available in an enormous colour range & enjoying almost indefinite life in these luminaires, due to the low heat output from the discharge lamp.


Helios Floodlight

Helios floodlights have been designed to give an even, asymmetric or symmetrical beam of light - ideal for general or colour wash illumination of walls, vertical displays and the like. A sprung colour frame is finger located and can be rapidly fitted in the front magazine. The control gear for the helios flood is an electronic ballast. The 150W double-ended lamp is supported on two R7s lampholders and the user is protected when changing the lamp by automatic ejection of the mains lead. The tempered front safety glass hinges forward with the front frame for lamp change.

 Helios Ballasts  
The Helios control gear is constructed from  formed steel sheet.  The control gear comes complete with 1.5 metre of three conductor  cable for mains input and 0.5metres for output to the luminaires. Or at extra cost any specified length up to 20m for output to lanterns


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